Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a meeting between a therapist and a client in safe environment that lasts 50 minutes.

In the first session the therapist gets to know the client better and learns about the reasons for starting the therapeutic process. This is an opportunity for the client to clarify any uncertainties about Gestalt therapy, to discuss his/her expectations with the therapist and afterwards to decide if the therapist and that way of work suit him/her.

Gestalt therapy is a creative process in which therapist doesn’t just give solutions to the client for challenges he/she is facing. It is a process in which the therapist is supporting and leading the client on the path towards discovering his/her own truths, decisions and solutions to the problems. This is a place where client can experiment with finding new solutions or ways of facing the difficulties.

Confidentiality of each session is guaranteed.

At the first meeting the therapist and the client agree on a therapeutic goal, which affects the duration of the therapy (sometimes ten sessions are enough and sometimes many months or years are needed), the frequency of sessions (once a week is customary), payment methods and cancellation policies.



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